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Important information for UK and EU customers

All the items you buy from us are in the UK with any import taxes and duties already having been paid by ourselves. 

This means when you buy from us and we send your purchase to an address within the UK or any other EU country, there will be no import tax / duty / VAT for you to pay.

You should be aware that if you buy from a seller outside the EU you, as the importer, will be obliged to pay import tax / duty / VAT calculated on the total of the purchase price and shipping charges added together, according to the rates imposed by your particular country of residence. 

In addition, typically there will also be a customs "clearance" or "brokerage" fee made by the shipper, whether or not it is a private company such as FedEx / UPS, or your national post office.

So often we hear from customers of ours who have bought what they thought to be a bargain from a non-EU country, only to be "stung" with unexpected import taxes in addition to a customs clearance fee ! So we repeat, if you buy from us and your purchase is sent to a UK or EU address, there will be no additional import charges for you to pay.

Please bear this in mind if you are a UK or EU resident tempted to buy from a seller in a non-EU country !


Information for all customers buying from a UK seller

A note regarding insurance for antiques. The Royal Mail / Parcelforce as well as, to our knowledge, all the private parcel companies such as FedEx, UPS etc.. specifically exclude antiques from their insurance/compensation schemes. Many sellers in the UK do not realise this, and the staff of their local post offices will happily charge for insurance when in fact there is no cover applicable. For this reason, we have arranged our own "Goods in Transit" insurance that covers all of the items we sell. The cost is 2% of the total value of your purchase but it is optional - we do not make the purchase of insurance compulsory !

We state this as a warning for prospective customers of other UK sellers to ensure that their purchases are properly insured if being sent by a delivery service.