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Chinese Tang Dynasty Painted Pottery "Fat Ladies"

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Brighton, BN1 4GH.
United Kingdom.
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We are a family-run business established over 55 years ago in 1968.

We have a large and ever-changing stock of Chinese antiquities
and antiques spanning over 6,000 years,
 from the Neolithic period to the 20th Century,
as well as antiques from South-East Asia, Japan and Korea.

Our clients include international museums, such as The British Museum,
and items supplied by us have been sold at Christie's & Sotheby's
as well as other well-known auction houses.

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< Chinese Painted Pottery Female Courtiers ("Fat Ladies"). 
   Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 906). 
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Below: a selection of Qingbai & Celadon glazed porcelain (Song, Yuan & Ming dynasties)

Items For Sale:                                                                   Qingbai & Celadon Glazed Ceramics: Song to Ming Dynasty

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Chinese Antiques and Antiquities For Sale

Neolithic (c. 6000 - 1000 BC)  

Shang / Zhou / Warring States / Qin
(c. 1500 BC - 206 BC)

Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220)  

Southern / Northern / Six Dynasties (AD 220 - 589)

Sui / Tang Dynasties (AD 581 - 906)

Five Dynasties (AD 906 - 960)

Liao / Song / Jin / Yuan Dynasties (10th - 14th Centuries)  

Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 - 1644)  

Transitional / Qing Dynasty (17th - 19th Centuries)

Japanese, Korean & South-East Asian A
ntiques and Antiquities For Sale:


Korean    Chinese Ming Dynasty Glazed Pottery Models of Furniture (c.1550 - 1600)                                                                     


Khmer / Cambodian           



Other Items For Sale

Fossils (including Dinosaur Eggs)

New Reference Books  

British Studio Pottery

Above: a selection of Chinese Ming Dynasty Glazed Pottery Models of Furniture (c.1550 - 1600)


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   Chinese Neolithic Pottery Jars Over 4,000 Years OldLarge Chinese Neolithic Painted Pottery Jars (Machang Phase c.2300 - 2000 BC)

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